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Classic Oriental rugs

All classic carpets are oriental rugs. There are no significant differences between a classic rug and an oriental rug. The only difference is that a classic carpet can also be machine made. The oriental look is copied one to one from the original. The machine-made carpets are cheaper and therefore are also suitable used to produce small wallets. A machine-made carpet can be recognized by how it feels since it’s harder than the hand-knotted one. Otherwise: classic carpets are similar to the oriental rugs.

Vintage classic rugs

But not only the oriental rugs are considered classic carpets. Very popular are the so-called vintage carpets. Vintage carpets are the "new old ones". This rug adapts everywhere. It can keep up with modern, oriental and classic facilities. Because the vintage carpet is a mix of all three very different styles combined in one. By the washing (to achieve the used look) and using modern colors the vintage carpet is comparable with any modern furniture. With its classic patterns (borders, ornaments, medallions) it does not lose its classic and oriental charm. On the other hand, the vintage rug gives that special something to classic furnishing with its modern touch (the colors and the wash) and still remains timeless. Of course, we offer you a large selection of vintage rugs with a wide variety of washes, designs and colors.

Classic Cashmere Viscose Rug

Another very popular classic is the cashmere viscose rug. This rug is a machine woven classic. It fits in everywhere with its classic oriental look. If you want to spice up your interior design, you can not only decorate your ground with a matching cashmere viscose rug, but also complete your modern interior with a high degree of style.


Many carpets can be classified as classic ones. A ragged rug, a plain rug, a vintage rug, a machine-made rug, a cashmere viscose rug, or a hand-knotted rug - all of them are classified as classic rugs. But as everyone knows, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it's up to you to decide which carpet you still think is classic.

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