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Monochrome rugs for modern & classic decor

You can not go wrong with plain carpets. They fit in everywhere and go with every style of furnishing. Whether you prefer modern, classic or oriental, the monochrome rug is popular in every room.

Monochrome rugs look adorable on any kind of floor, whether on top of a carpet, laminate or parquet. They are very robust, durable and easy to clean. Monochrome rugs are anything but boring.

They give the room a certain flair of silence, peace and are available in various pile heights.

Carpetfine offers you the whole range of monochromatic carpets. Whether round, square, quadratic or in the shape of a runner and in any color. Pastel-colored carpets are currently highly demanded - as are the floor runners in classic colors such as black, white or beige. You are welcome to look in the category "High pile carpets / Shaggy carpets" - there you are guaranteed to find your desired carpet. We also offer monochrom carpets made of various materials. Starting with cotton, sheep wool, goat wool, viscose, jute, polypropylene, acrylic, bamboo silk, cowhide / leather, micro fiber polyester, polyester, silk and polypropylene. Our vision is to find the right monochrome rug for every style.

Try a plain kilim Azizi rug. This Carpet not only decorates the floor, but can also be used as a substitute for a painting. Due to the slit-skeleton technique, the monochrome carpet can be used on both sides. You can, for example, also place it on pieces of furniture in order to set fine detailing.


Or maybe a plain high pile rug / shaggy rug?

You can not go wrong with a plain high pile rug / shaggy rug. It goes well with classic interior as well as modern or oriental furnishing.

Interested in a Classic Carpet?

Equally popular is the purple high pile carpet combined with anthracite interior. Also very popular are monochrome round high pile carpets that can be placed under a side table, for example, and thus give the room the finishing touch.

Interested in a modern Carpet?

Ebenso angesagt ist der lilane Hochflor Teppich in einem anthrazit eingerichteten Interieur. Sehr beliebt sind auch einfarbige runde Hochflor Teppiche, die beispielsweise unter einem Beistelltisch liegen und somit dem Raum den letzten Schliff verpassen.

About the Oriental Rugs we offer

Trendy and timeless colors for oriental furnishing are red and beige. Since it’s mostly a tradition to sit on the floor in the Orient, monochrome shag square rugs are very popular, due to their high and soft pile they are comfortable to sit on. They are warm, cozy and fit wonderfully into the oriental interior.

Our service and quality speaks for itself- choose a carpet and try it out for free for 40 days. We offer you 26 days more time than required by law. If you have questions about combinations with your interior, our experienced team is of course available with advice and assistance.