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As the saying goes? Turn old into new!

This saying might be made for the Vintage Carpet. Vintage rugs were collected from different small towns in Asia Minor and are between 30 and 100 years old. As the word Vintage suggests, these carpets are reproduced. From wonderful wool carpets, hand-knotted carpets, Persian carpets and in general oriental carpets with old ornaments. Furthermore, new patterns are conjured up by creative designers for new, modern creations.

The Road to the Vintage Look

The production of the vintage look is quite expensive. The Carpet goes through different and multiple steps until it gets its final touch. They are washed, shorn, bleached and revived with new color. Partially the old colors are retained too. This process is already known for garments such as jeans.  The vintage look makes not only washed-out jeans look good and trendy, but also rugs. Vintage rugs are popular because they perfectly combine old oriental rugs with old patterns and ornaments with new modern colors and washes.

Hand knotted vintage Carpets

Hand knotted vintage rugs are absolutely unique, so you can be sure that you will not find this rug a second time in another apartment! They are combinable with any interior design and complete either modern, as well as classic or antique furnishing styles. There are vintage rugs in different colors and sizes. The most common colors are: green, blue, orange, red, purple and brown. Since vintage carpets have been so successful, you can now find the vintage carpets at Carpetfine in any color combinations and variations that you might imagine.


All in one

The patchwork rug has a similar touch as the vintage rug. However, you can keep the carpets very well from each other. A Patchwork carpet is made from various old carpets, these Carpets are patched together in small mostly rectangular pieces and thus bring a unique look with them.

There are different types of manufacture, there are high-quality handmade patchwork carpets, Patchwork as already described above and fully woven patchwork carpets. So you can be sure that there is something for everyone! Patchwork carpets come in countless color variations, whether one-colored, colorful, light, dark, bleached or vintage-style, we have them all.