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Shaggy carpet as a classic

The high-pile carpet also called shaggy, shaggy carpet or long pile rug is one of the most popular rugs at the category modern carpets. Due to its unique style with its high pile, it is considered an exotic carpet. The High-Pile carpet has been a trendsetter since the 70's and as a classic it gives every living space, that certain something. This Carpet feels very soft and extremely comfortable. The look of the carpet is very loose, airy and fluffy. Despite its very own character, the Shaggy carpet fits into the most diverse living areas. The pile heights are not fixed, they vary.

Shaggy with different yarn types

The high-pile carpets appear in a variety of yarn combinations, whether thick yarns or thin yarns or a mix of shiny, thick and thin yarns, the high pile has no limits. The shaggy carpets are available in many different shapes. Also the different colors and designs have no limit. Walking on a high-pile Carpet feels like walking on clouds.

Over the years, the high-pile carpets have been improved and adjusted for modern households. The high pile rugs can be adapted to any household, dark shades give any room a very cozy ambience and thus they are often used for sleeping areas. The lighter shades can be used carelessly in hallways and in living areas. Bright shades visually enlarge the room but do not take away the touch of coziness and warmth. The most popular colors for living areas are pastel colors and classic colors such as: beige, red, green, white and different shades of gray. Colorful high pile rugs fit perfectly in children's rooms. For sleeping areas usually beautiful black, brown, bordeaux, red and purple tones are recommended.

Short tip on the side

Due to our experience here at Carpetfine we recommend that High-Floor Carpets should be knocked-off at least every two months. Then Hang it outside to take in fresh air, this will not hurt the carpet quite the contrary it will free it from any odors, dust and dirt.