Nepal Carpet

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Nepal rug also known as Tibet rug

The beautiful Nepal rugs come from Nepal, who would have thought it! Also known as Tibetan rugs, Nepali rugs were made by Tibetan migrants between 1955 and 1960. The figures show us that the beautiful Nepal carpets have only been on the carpet market for about 55-60 years. Despite its young age, the Nepal carpet carries a lot of hype and is very popular! The Nepal rugs are soft and cozy. They decorate the room with their simple and stylish design, which ensures a very special feel-good factor. The design of Nepal carpets and Chinese carpets is very similar.

Nepal Jaipur rugs from India

Due to the high demand, the country of India has become aware of the beautiful Nepal carpets and have also been producing Nepal carpets for several years. The young Nepal carpet is perfect for a living area where you often spend time and want to feel good and just like sitting in front of a fireplace with a book in hand on a round Nepal carpet.

Modern Nepal carpet

The modern Nepal carpet sets itself apart from the Chinese carpets with its new modern patterns and more meaningful colors and makes the western world with their motives more and more attention. They can be flexibly used, whether with the standard carpet sizes, carpet runners for hallways or as round carpets for different living spaces. Take a look into the category of modern rugs and see for yourself some more stunning rugs.

The production of the modern Nepal carpet is now mostly in Lhasa.