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Gabbeh Modern carpet

Gabbeh carpet, the rough soft one

The Gabbeh rug is a Persian hand-knotted rug, it stands for its radiant colors and is particularly popular in the Western world. The Gabbeh rug is usually recognized by the rough knotting technique and the animal motifs that are woven into the rug. The chain and the floss, as well as the yarn are made of wool. The sheep and brick wool, are processed with natural and strong dyes. The colors are kept very simple and large. The Gabbeh carpet is an about 1.5 cm to about 3 cm thick Persian carpet. Gabbeh carpet patterns are very simple and mostly decorated with animal patterns. Also the Gabbeh carpet was made by nomads and was used for several purposes. The Gabbeh rug is a very soft rug despite the coarse knit and fits perfectly in bedrooms, hallways and living rooms. The prominence of Gabbeh carpets increased enormously around the 90's.

Gabbeh modern carpet

The Gabbeh carpet is still very popular today and thus the Gabbeh carpets have been modernized and further processed. The modern Gabbeh carpet has been updated with new colors, more abstract animal patterns and other patterns, despite the tuning, the carpet has not lost its characteristics and style. He still gives a quiet and cozy atmosphere! He awakens every room with his style and immediately stands out. A Gabbeh Carpet and matching interior will make any living room pop out and look extravagant.

We at Carpetfine offer you both styles. The Gabbeh carpet in classic design but also the modern Gabbeh carpet. Or the modern gabbeh carpet in the Katerogie modern rugs. It is available in many different designs, colors and sizes.