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Modern carpets are diverse

Modern Rugs are the fashionistas among Carpets and are the trend bearers of our time. Because of their various designs they fit in every room. Like salt and pepper, modern carpets spice up almost every piece of furniture and are therefore among the most popular carpets. Today, a living space without a carpet is hard to imagine. Especially popular are modern carpets in pastel colors. But modern does not mean futuristic - the carpet can also be traditional with a modern touch. Modern carpets stand for their Art Deco and Art Nouveau style, the Art Nouveau of the 20th century. They are colorful and lively, giving every room that certain something. Carpetfine offers you modern rugs that stand out in particular for their color patterns and are posh, yet timeless elegant design. To make it easier for you to find the right carpet, we have divided the carpets into different categories:

Whether round or square, flat or tall, white or colorful, big or small - Carpetfine offers something for every taste. Thanks to the extensive filter options and our wide selection, you are guaranteed to find the modern carpet that meets your wishes and expectations. Carpets are a matter of heart and thanks to our experience of many years in this business we want to give you some tips along the way. To find the matching modern carpet you should ask yourself the following questions before buying a modern carpet:

Our recommendation! Which living area is the modern carpet intended for?

First, get a rough idea of ​​the space in which the modern carpet will be placed. Take a look at the colors in the room and decide whether your modern rug should be colorful, monochrome, simple or patterned. For colorful rugs, the colors should be reflected in your interior. In light rooms, a darker carpet is recommended - on the other hand, we recommend a light carpet for darker rooms. Attention! Although dark carpets visually reduce the living space, in return you leave a more comfortable atmosphere. Light carpets make the room seem visually larger in reverse. You can not go wrong with a plain modern carpet.

Carpet recommendations for hallway and kitchen areas, as well as the living room and bedroom

In addition, you should pay attention to what purpose the modern carpet will serve. In hallways and kitchen areas, one should choose a more resistant rug with stable fibers, as these carpets are generally exposed to a higher load than in other living spaces. Here we recommend for e.g. a modern kilim carpet. The modern kilim carpet is very popular, flexible and easy to care for. In addition, it has the particular advantage that you can use it from both sides. It is also very robust Carpet.

 Rooms like the living room or the bedroom can be wonderfully decorated with a beautiful modern Ziegler carpet. The modern Ziegler rug is a very popular rug that has no difficulty adjusting itself in a living space. It radiates style, self-confidence and class - with its characteristics this carpet lets a simple furnished room look strong and posh. At Carpetfine you are always up to date! Every day our team is looking for new trends to give you the opportunity to customize your living space with the latest patterns, color combinations and designs to suit your personal requirements.


We are happy to help!

If you still can not find your desired carpet, please feel free to contact us directly! We will do our best to find the perfect carpet for you. Thanks to our 30-day right- to -return -policy, we offer every customer the opportunity to try out the ordered modern carpet in their own home and let their flair work, so no purchase at Carpetfine will be regretted. Please contact us by phone: 040 32086976.