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The hand-knotted Ziegler carpet, how it all began

Brief introduction to the origin

The Ziegler carpet already set its trend over 150 years ago. The Swiss businessman Philipp Ziegler, was already enthusiastic about carpets and the traditional knotting technique of the Persians. Not only Philipp Ziegler but the entire European area became more and more interested in hand-knotted Oriental rugs. In order to meet the increasing thirst for carpets in the European area, the Swiss Philipp Ziegler seized the opportunity of high demand and started producing carpets in Iran himself. Based on the old Oriental rugs, he started to create the designs.

Classic Ziegler carpet

The ornaments of the Ziegler carpet emanate from a center of the center and spread almost symmetrically over the entire carpet. The edges are kept relatively wide and the basic color of the Ziegler carpet is beige or wood-colored; in addition, colors such as blue, red, brown or black are added, in some cases green is used. The Ziegler carpet gives every room a great touch of calm and tranquility. The stock market crash (1929) could not survive the business of the Swiss businessman Ziegler. Since the Ziegler carpets with their special beauty have developed a high level of popularity and name recognition, the production has moved on. The Ziegler carpet has been made in Afghanistan from goat and sheep wool for about 50 years and is exported via Pakistan and India. There are also some factories in Pakistan or India, but Ziegler carpets are mainly manufactured in Afghanistan. Through the whole back and forth you cannot say in some cases exactly what the exact production site is.

It is said that the Ziegler carpet is one of the most adaptable carpets due to its color combination and pattern structure and can find a home anywhere. The color structure and the sovereign look are primarily worn out for the virgin eye, but this makes the Ziegler carpet! The Ziegler rugs are deliberately bleached in sunlight and the Flohr is processed with coarse sandstones. The Ziegler rugs are very robust and therefore very resistant. If you have a Ziegler today, you can pass it on to the next generation with good care.