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The flat Kazak rugs

The Kazak rug originally comes from Azerbaijan and joins the Oriental rugs with its geometric patterns and bright colors. Green, blue, and reds with beige as the base color are the colors the Kazak most carries with them. They are relatively flat from the pile height and still feel very soft due to the first-class workmanship. The Kazak rug is a very popular hand-knotted rug, which is often seen in the antique and modern interiors. The wool of the Kazak rugs used to be worked exclusively with natural paint (around 1920).

Kazak carpets in different quality levels

The Handspun high quality sheep wool rugs are very popular and have a very long life. There are 2 levels of quality, from 90,000 knots per square meter up to 300,000 knots per square meter. Here too, as with any other hand-knotted carpet, the higher the number of knots, the better the quality. The Kasak rugs are very sturdy and sturdy rugs that are hard to break. Meanwhile, the carpets are manufactured in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in rare cases also in India.