Ziegler / Kazak

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Ziegler and Kazak rugs

Ziegler and Kazak rugs are mainly made from handspun wool in Pakistan. The wool used for the rugs is of the highest quality and pure natural color. They will be stonewashed to give them an easy-to-use look. Stonewashed is a procedure where the carpet in this case is washed with stones to give it an antique look.

Kazak rugs stand out for their harmonious and geometric patterns. Their design is inspired by old Russian and Caucasian patterns.

Ziegler carpets owe their name to the Swiss businessman Phillip Ziegler, who was the first European to establish a carpet weaving of Persian carpets in Europe at the end of the 19th century. There he made hand-knotted rugs from a mix of classic Persian design and modern Western influenced concept. They are very much appreciated for their elegant and timeless noble design. Both Kazak carpets and Ziegler carpets are eye-catchers for every room.