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Kilim Carpet

Kilim carpets are popular for their flexibility, since they can be used for various things. No matter where you want to place your Kilim Carpet it will fit. Since the Kilim Carpet has no pile you can put it on the Wall as a compensation for a painting, as a Carpet on the floor or on different pieces of furniture like your couch, your shelf or your table.

Wondering about the variety of kilim rugs?

In the age of nomads, the kilim carpets were even used as blankets and curtains. Its weaving technique makes the kilim so special, because the carpet can be used on both sides thanks to the "slit-skeleton technique". The color was dyed with natural products at that time. The history of the classic kilim goes back to at least the 4th century AD. A long journey, starting from Eastern Europe to Afghanistan. On this journey, the kilim rug has received various combinations of colors, shapes and patterns. A kilim rug is a very strong, firm and easy-care carpet that falls into the category of hand-knotted rugs.