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Indo Carpets

The production of carpets has come a long way and goes all around the world and has made itself popular with the Indian population when passing through in the 16th century. Not only beautiful carpets have remained in India, but also the knotting art from all over the world. Many carpet types that are made in India are visually influenced by Persian carpets.

India goes modern!

By now India's carpet industry has become so important to importers that they no longer focus on oriental rugs, but are also heavily involved in the production of modern rugs. For about 30 years India has been a strong producer of Persian carpets such as the Gabbeh carpet, the Bidjar carpet, the Mir carpet, the Tabriz carpet or, for example carpets from other origin such as the Nepal carpet or the Ushak carpet. In this case these carpets are titled with the word Indo (e.g., Indo Gabbeh). Don´t miss our huge section of hand-knotted carpets.

Since the last decade, many oriental rugs are made in India.