Pakistan Buchara 2 & 3-ply

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Pakistan Bokhara 2 & 3-ply

Pakistan Carpets

In Pakistan high-quality and very precise knotted Bukhara rugs, as well as the Ziegler rug and the Kazak rug, are made. The Bukhara rug is relatively easy to recognize, hand-knotted rugs have a wide border and inside they carry medallions in rows, on top of each other and next to each other. Red and brown colors, as well as light brown, green and blue are typical for the Bukhara carpet, also beautiful combinations of gray and black are not uncommon. The Bukhara carpet is very popular worldwide and stands out with his high quality. The Bukhara carpet is divided into 2 quality levels, there is the quality level Bukhara 2ply and the quality level 3ply. The quality level 2ply stands for two threads used per knotted node and 3ply stands for three threads per node used.

The Word "ply"means strand of yarn. With the Bukhara carpet, whether 2ply or 3ply, you add a very special atmosphere to every room.